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4 Chicora Avenue.
This is where my father lived, with his mother and father, until he and my mother were married in 1949. My grandparents lived here until their deaths in 1958 and 1960.
Grandmother Archer
My grandmother Gertrude Evans Archer in her garden at Number 4 Chicora Ave. - undated picture.
Chicora Ave and Avenue Road
This picture appears to be from the 1950's. There was a laneway behind (a white fence) the ESSO station and my grandmothers was behind that.
Chicora ave
Chicora runs west of Avenue Road a block south of Dupont Street.
chicora - avenue rd
There was an ESSO gas station on this lot when my grandparents lived here. A laneway ran from the Chicora behind their semi detached house behind the gas station.
4 Chicora Avenue. Grandmother Archer Chicora Ave and Avenue Road Chicora ave chicora - avenue rd
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