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Quetico in Welland Canal 1976
Self unloader Quetico in Welland Canal 1976. Ex Whitefish Bay(1) Renamed Whitefish Bay again 1982. Arnold Mooney photo
algoma spirit 2
algoma spirit 1
algoma strongfield
First of the Season 2019. There might have already been two arrivals in Clarkson before April 9 but this was the first picture of the season.
adfines sea 2017
Built 2011 flag - Malta Home Port - Valetta
Adfines Star December 9 2018
Late season rush at Petrocan has Adfines Star at the pier following two others the previous day. Blt 2011 Flag- Malta
Algolake in Clarkson `
Another casualty of Algoma Central's modernization program the Algolake was built in 1976 at Collingwood. Her maiden voyage was in 1977 and she sailed for 40 seasons being laid up at the conclusion on the 2017 season. She was sold for scrap and towed to Turkey in 2018 .
Algolake off port credit
October 10 2008 Probably identified through the Boatnerd website. The Algolake has just appeared over the horizon inbound to Clarkson St. Lawremce Cement.
Algoma Enterprise
Built in 1979 as Canadian Enterprise for Upper Lakes Shipping it was transferred to Algoma Steamships with the rest of the Upper Lakes fleet in 2011.
Algoma Olympic
Built in 1976 as Canadian Olympic (the 1976 Olympics were held in Montreal) for Upper Lakes Shipping it came to Algoma Steamships with the rest of the Upper Lakes fleet in 2001. I was able to catch it near the close of the 2016 shipping season but it sailed another year after that.
Algoma Olympic
Algoma Olympic spring voyage to Clarkson. April 2017. This ship finished the 2017 season and was towed to Turkey for scrapping.
Algoma Sault
The Algoma Sault, built in 2017, is the second self-unloading Equinox Class 740-foot bulk carrier. The vessel name pays tribute to the long-standing relationship between Algoma Central Corporation and the City of Sault Ste. Marie and recognizes the important role that marine shipping plays within this community.
algoma transport
Built 1979 as Canadian Transport for Upper lakes Shipping. Transfered with rest of ULS shipping fleet to Algoma Steamships in 2011. Renamed Algoma Transport. Will 2019, the 40th season, be its last?
Bronte is a Lake Ontario tanker terminal. Located in Oakville it serves Suncor - Petro Canada for refined products. Algonova , Algoma Tankers, was tied to the jetty in August 2017. Built in Turkey - launched 2008.
ALGONOVA in Port Colborne
A.W. Mooney photo April 12 2019
Algosar(2) Being Scrapped.
Algosar (II) was being scrapped in Port Colborne ON in May 2016. Launched in Texas in 1977 as Gemini - flagged Canada in 2005. Sailed till end of 2015 season.
amelia desgagnes
Amelia Desgagnes was built in 1976 as Soodoc fro N M Paterson at Collingwood Shipyards. Cranes were added in England in 1977. In 1990 she was acquired by Groupe Desgagnes and renamed Amelia Desgagnes. She was sold in 2017 and scrapped in Turkey.
Another recent acquisition and rename by the McKeil Marine fleet. This is the former Gagliarda. flagged Malta. that was Canadianized and rechristened in June 2019.
ccgv caribou isle
Buoy Tender
Clarkson Port
Radcliffe T Latimer (Algoma central) and Amelia Desgagnes (Grp Desgagnes) both at CRH Cement pier.
Clarkson Port 6-24-18
Adfines Star and Bro Anna were moored at the PetroCan jetty Sunday June 24 2018
CSL in Hamilton
Photo taken in August 2017 across the Hamilton Harbour and the Burlington Spit of a CSL vessel unloading coal for the Hamilton Coke Works.
december 8 2018 erria swan
December 8 2018 jana desgagnes
December 8 2018 Robert S Pierson
Robert Pierson is delivering another load of limestone to the CRH dock.
December 8 2018 two in clarkson
December 8 and the Great Lakes -St. Lawrence Seaway shipping season is drawing to a close with only a couple of weeks left till the Seaway and Welland Canals close. The PetroCan pier is fully occupied.
Erria Swan
Erria Swan, DK, Blt. 2006. A misty, gloomy December 1 2018 morning at Petro Can Clarkson.
Esta Desgagnes
Tanker built 1992 in Germany. Chartered to Petro-Nav from Montreal. Flag - Canada. Home Port Quebec.
Ganges Star at Clarkson
Built in Y2010 in Korea. Flagged - Malta Home Port - Valletta
Hinch Spirit
Renamed and re-flagged Hinch Spirit is operated by MCKeil Marine for Petro Canada Lubricants.
Jana Desgagnes
A late season visit from Jana Desgagnes at the Petro Canada pier. December 2017 Blt 1993 in Germany. 405.87 feet long. Chartered to Petro-Nav from Montreal Flag Canada Home port - Quebec
John B Aird
Algoma Central Steamships Blt 1982 - Collingwood Shipyards and Port Arthur Shipyards. Launched 1983 Scrapped 2017 in Turkey.
john d leitch
Built at Port Weller Drydocks in 1967 and launched as Canadian Century . Refitted and renamed John D Leitch in 2002. Transferred with rest of Upper Lakes fleet to Algoma Central in 2011.
We start with Captain Norman Reoch who had risen from ships captain to General Manager of Canada Steamships Lines. He resigned from C.S.L. and struck out on his own acquiring 4 canaller type vessels from the Diamomd Steamship Company in 1952. In 1959 the St Lawrence Seaway made the short canallers obsolete. Roech started acquiring longer "Upper Lakers" usually from US based fleets. Each ship was usually incorporated as a steamship line. One of these was Westdale Shipping which moved its offices to Port Credit from Montreal in 1969 after Norman Reoch retired. This ship in particular was built back in 1910 at Great Lakes Engineering near Detroit and in 1934 was lengthened and self unloading machinery added. It joined the Roech fleet in 1962 under the Westdale Shipping management. So: it sailed for nearly 20 years as Leadale until you shot it in May 1981. Later that year it grounded in Lake St.Louis (near Montreal) and about 2500 tons of coal had to be removed into lighters to refloat it. Then in December 1982
mt swan biscay
Swan Biscay Blt 2008 and flagged in Marshall Islands
MV Clipper Mari
At the Petro Can pier in May 2013 Clipper Mari is renamed Nordic Mari Built 2010 at Fukuoka Shipyard Japan. As Clipper Mari flagged Bahamas As Nordic flagged Malta. Now Denmark Currently operated by Nordic Tankers Trading of Copenhagen. (March 2019)
Ojibway enters Hamilton Harbour
The Ojibway - Lower Lakes Towing, Port Dover Ontario, enters the Burlington Canal to enter the Hamilton Harbour at sunset July 25 2018.
Port Colborne - Waiting to be Scrapped
Port Colborne - Algoma Emterprise
March 21 2019 Algoma Enterprise ex Canadian Enterprise. Blt 1979 at Port Weller Drydocks St. Catharines Ont. Spent Winter 18-19 layup at wharf 17 Port Colborne
Port Colborne - CSL ASSIBOINE
Blt 1977 at Davie Shipbuiling Lauzon Quebec. Named Jean Parisien for vice chairman of Power Corp who was the actual owner - CSL as vessel manager rebuilt at Port Weller Drydocks 2004 and renamed CSL Assiboine. Relaunched 2005 It spent the 2018/19 winter layup season at Wharf 16 in Port Colborne.
Port Colborne - CSL Assiniboine - 2
A view of the stern of CSL Assiniboine. Interesting to see it is home port St.Catharines not Montreal.
Port Dover working harbour
Port Dover on Lake Erie is home to a commercial fishing fleet. Pleasure craft have their own harbour further upstream.
Radcliffe R Latimer
The 2017 shipping season is winding down as Radcliffe R Latimer , Algoma Steamships, unloads at Clarkson on December 2. ex-Algobay(2) exx-Atlantic Trader nee Algobay(1) 1978. Algobay(2) was rebuilt in China 2005 and then renamed.
Ralph Misener under Blue Water Bridge.
A.W. Mooney Photo August 1985 Ralph Misener built 1968 at Canadian Vickers shipyard in Montreal. Originally a self unloader the machinery failed and was removed in 1977; the ship converted to a straight decker. Misener fleet sold to Upper Lakes Shipping in 1994. Ship was renamed Gordon C. Leitch . ULS fleet sold to Algoma Central Marine 2011. As Gordon C. Leitch ship sailed till December 2011. Sold for scrap in 2012 and taken to Turkey.
robt pierson 12-09-18
The late season rush to fill the cement company with limestone for winter's production had the Robt Pierson return loaded on Sunday December 9 2018. It was maneuvering to the pier.
Sarah Desgagnes 5-14-17
See picture of Sarah Desgagnes at anchor for ship information.
Sarah Desgagnes at anchor 5-15-17
Blt 2007 in Turkey. ex Besikas Greenland acquired and renamed 2008.
M/T Selasse. Registered Gibralter.
Quetico in Welland Canal 1976 algoma spirit 2 algoma spirit 1 algoma strongfield ADFINES SEA - 2019 adfines sea 2017 Adfines Star  December 9 2018 Algolake in Clarkson ` Algolake off port credit Algoma Enterprise Algoma Olympic Algoma Olympic Algoma Sault algoma transport Algonova ALGONOVA in Port Colborne Algosar(2) Being Scrapped. amelia desgagnes BLAIR MCKEIL ccgv caribou isle Clarkson Port Clarkson Port 6-24-18 CSL in Hamilton december 8 2018 erria swan December 8 2018 jana desgagnes December 8 2018 Robert S Pierson December 8 2018 two in clarkson Erria Swan Esta Desgagnes Ganges Star at Clarkson Hinch Spirit Jana Desgagnes John B Aird john d leitch Leadale mt swan biscay MV Clipper Mari Ojibway enters Hamilton Harbour Port  Colborne - Waiting to be Scrapped Port Colborne - Algoma Emterprise Port Colborne - CSL ASSIBOINE Port Colborne - CSL Assiniboine - 2 Port Dover working harbour Radcliffe R Latimer Ralph Misener under Blue Water Bridge. ridgetown robt pierson 12-09-18 Sarah Desgagnes 5-14-17 Sarah Desgagnes at anchor 5-15-17 selasse
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