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ADMX 49186
Covered hopper for grain, Consist of CN Train 435 6-30-19
admx 63483
Covered hopper seen on CN . series was built in 2006
ADN 9704
The AD&N was an Arkansas shortline. This appears to be a standard 50 foot boxcar. Guelph Jct Ontario on CP November 11 2007.
AEQX 3024
Faded Boston and Maine paint and lettering highlight these short covered hoppers in roofing granule service from an IKO trans loading operation at Belleville ON. The cargo is trucked from the Madoc area by D and W Forwarders to Belleville .
AEX 11648
A covered hopper, likely for grain operated by The Andersons seen at Guelph Jct November 11 2007. Research finds EX NAHX 172355 Nee CNW same number.
AEX 20828
Another covered hopper car operated by The Andersons with ghost markings of a previous operator that have been covered by graffitti.
AGPX 95271
AIMX 15086
American Iron and Steel Group - gondola
alhx 1855
ALHX covered hopper car. All Capital Rail Management LLC
AOK 15076
AOK is Arkansas Oklahoma railway a short line whose reporting mark is used (leased?) by Greenbrier Leasing for some of their fleet.
aok 28519
73 foot centre beam flatcar for lumber. AOK is a small railway used for reporting marks by Greenbrier Leasing CO.
ATSF 89156
March 5 2006. Empties tp Oshawa from Flat Rock MI
bcol 730680
Centre frame flat car. 73 feet long for lumber. Aldershot Ontario CN yard.
May 2005. 52 foot boxcar. Blt 1994 at Trentonworks
BKTY 155072
BKTY is a Union Pacific Railway reporting mark from their acquisition of MKTY. Owned by GATX and assigned to Union Pacific.
BLE 30029
2007-10-20. 52 foot Mill gon seen at the Stuart Street Yard in Hamilton ON which at that time was being switched by Railink.
BLE 30068
November 13 2015 Paris Jct Ontario
BLE 30108
Bessemer-n- Lake Erie is a CN subsidiary acquired in 2004 during the E.Hunter Harrison reign as part of a route around Chicago. During that time CN changed from being Canadian National to Chicago Northern as operations were shifted to Chicago.
BM 3224
CN train near Milton August 2008
BNSF 301305
Returning to Michigan Train CN 271 Labour Day Monday 2019. Bothe the flatcar and headrack are owned by BNSF.
BNSF 301341
Returning to Michigan CN train 271 Labour Day Monday 2019. Flat car and headrack are supplied by BNSF
bnsf 314666
On train CP 246 Sunday Feb. 25 2018.
bnsf 436234
BR 50207
BR= Bradford Industrial (Buffalo &Pittsburgh) nee- SOU 549750 series-NS405600 series-BCIT 850200 series- then BR as photo'd and then to CP214200 series in 2018.
BTTX 880299
March 5 2006
cbtx 780788
LPG tank car. CBTX is CIT Financial a leasing company.
CBTX 785951
A LPG tank car placarded 1075.
Picture taken 2009-02-01 CC= Chicago Central (and) Pacific which was a subsidiary of Illinois Central. CN's Iowa division. Cars in this series are ex- NAHX vintage 1979.
CCBX 400178
CCBX is a reporting mark of the Union Carbide Company. Historic name Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp. Guelph Jct Ontario - November 11 2007
cclx 52007
Crystal Car Line leased to CPC International. CPC International = Corn Products Corporation. Logo on this car over painted with graffitti. Car built by ARI in 2001.
ccr box
CCR is the Corinth (n) Counce Railroad.
CEFX 12308
July 11 2009 Covered hopper Gravity Feed Likely ex: CRLE65306
Cargill leased grain car.
CGLX 12096
CGLX 181
short hopper on a CN freight. No power seen that day.
CGLX 537 05-31-08
CGLX164 08-23-09
CGLX532 08-23-09
CGMX 7005
September 12 2009 Hopper car GATX Rail Canada .
CGMX 7021
September 12 2009 hopper car GATX Canada
CGTX 23124
Boxing Day 2007
CGTX29898 05-31-08
chvx 898557
August 14 2009
CIC 2110 10-25-09
CIGX 802963
CIGX 802996
Train 246 - Sudbury to Buffalo. Steel coils from Sault Ste Marie. Sunday August 5 2018
CIGX coil car. EX CP. Train 247; Buffalo to Sudbury.
ADMX 49186 admx 63483 ADN 9704 AEQX 3024 AEX 11648 AEX 20828 AGPX 95271 AIMX 15086 alhx 1855 AOK 15076 aok 28519 ATSF 89156 bcol 730680 BCOL48025 BKTY 155072 BLE 30029 BLE 30068 BLE 30108 BM 3224 BNSF 301305 BNSF 301341 bnsf 314666 bnsf 436234 BR 50207 BTTX 880299 cbtx 780788 CBTX 785951 cc482075 CCBX 400178 cclx 52007 ccr box CEFX 12308 CGEX1065 CGLX 12096 CGLX 181 CGLX 537 05-31-08 cglx100 cglx107 cglx112 CGLX164 08-23-09 CGLX532 08-23-09 CGMX 7005 CGMX 7021 CGTX 23124 CGTX29898 05-31-08 chvx 898557 CIC 2110 10-25-09 CIGX 802963 CIGX 802996 cigx802989
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