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Aldershot Station Building
Aldershot is a key location on the GO/CN network. Located in Burlington, it is the effective western end of the GO Lakeshore Line. Hamilton has two stations but they only receive train service on weekday rush hours with GO buses the rest of the time. It is also a key yard for CN where lines from Buffalo and Chicago meet before peeling onto the Halton sub at Burlington. Finally, it is the VIA rail station for Hamilton handling trains to and from south western Ontario.
Aldershot Station Sign
Brampton GO-VIA Station Expansion
A platform and shelters for GO passengers was being built on the south side of the tracks in October 2008
Canpa Connector looking north
Canpa Connector looking south
Canpa Tower
Old Canpa tower seen from a GO train on the Canpa Connector detour.
2 miles west of Union Station this is the first stop on the Lakeshore West Line. Originally in use only during events at Exhibition Place trains now stop to serve the "Liberty Village" district of Toronto.
GO Clarkson - platforms
GO Clarkson - south building
There are two buildings at the Clarkson GO http:// one on each side of the tracks. The north building is a waiting room only and this one is the south buildings where there are ticket sales and a lunch http:// Thie Mississauga Transit Clarkson bus loop is in front of the south building. Lakeshore Route 23 is seen in the picture.
GO Clarkson Parking Garage
The multistory garage for commuter parking with a sign advertising the increase of number of trains on the Lakeshore line.
GO Mimico station sign
Mimico is the 2nd stop west of Union on the Lakeshore West GO line. The massive Willowbrook maintenance yards are nearby.
GO Station construction Brampton
The extra platforms were still under construction in November 2008
GO trains now use
A sign at the Evans Avenue level crossing on the Canpa Connector warning that the tracks are active with train traffic.
Milon Line - Kipling
Kipling is a . GO stop in middle Etobicoke on the CP Galt sub. Passengers can connect here with the TTC Line 1 Bloor Danforth subway.
Milton Line Dixie GO
The first station stop in Mississauga on the Milton Line; Dixie is near the historic CP Dixie station at Dixie Road.
Milton Line - Lisgar Station
Far northwest corner of Mississauga, Mile 25.2 on CP Galt Sub. This is GO's Milton Corridor and Lisgar is the second last stop before Milton.
Milton Line - Meadowvale .
The next of the three northwest Mississauga stops is Meadowvale. Meadowvale Village is nearby and gave its name to a large housing development that was statrd in the 1970's.
Milton Line - Streetsville.
GO has several stations on the Milton Line (CP Galt Sub) in northwest Mississauga. Streetsville is at Thomas Street .
sign of the times
Seen at the Cooksville GO worksite.
Toronto Terminal Rwys Scott Scott Terminal
The Scott Street Tower holds some of the 1930's vintage switching equipment that controls the tracks and switches around Union Station.
Aldershot Station Building Aldershot Station Sign Brampton GO-VIA Station Expansion Canpa Connector looking north Canpa Connector looking south Canpa Tower EXHIBITON GO Station GO Clarkson - platforms GO Clarkson - south building GO Clarkson Parking Garage GO Mimico station sign GO Station construction Brampton GO trains now use Milon Line - Kipling Milton Line  Dixie GO Milton Line - Lisgar Station Milton Line - Meadowvale . Milton Line - Streetsville. sign of the times Toronto Terminal Rwys Scott Scott Terminal
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