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CP spine car
aok 58189
Newly built well car. Seen March 16 2007.
aok data
cpsu passing cooksville
Container with CPSU - CP Ships - loaded with a Linea Mexicana container passing the site of the Cooksville Ontario station on CP . May 18 2008.
CP 527182
CP container car loaded with two Stolt tank containers eastbound passing the old Cooksville station site.
DTTX 658070
On CP headed to Obico . May 18 2008
BNSF 237469 20 foot genset
April 13 2007 A CP Riail System Genset to provide power for reefer containers . This was on Train 142 that was on the CN Oakville Sub passing through Port Credit.
BNSF 254113
A JB Hunt Intermodal container rides in BNSF 254113 on CN Train 148 on Labour Day Monday 2018.
BNSF 254140
A BNSF well car loaded with 2 Grimaldi 20 foot dry boxes is in the consist of CN Train 148 on Labour Day Monday 2019.
Container Car set out.
This 5 place container car car sitting at Guelph Jct . on the Canadian Pacific .Whether waiting for another train or some sort of mechanical impossible to tell. This is the point where the Hamilton Sub from Welland joins the Toronto - London Galt Sub.
cp 507140
A CP 64 foot flat car equipped for moving single stacked containers. Blt circa 1971 or 72 Marine Industries Possibly withdrawn in 2001- 2003 period.
cp 507140
63 foot flat car Blt 1973 Removed from service by 2014
CP 507200 11-11-07
63 foot flat car
CP 522304
January 24 2006. 89 foot COFC flat car blt 1981 or 82 by National Steel car.
cp 523004
January 24 2006 81 foot COFC blt 1971 Car for single stack movement of containers.
cp 523175A
An eastbound container train near Puslinch east of Galt and west of Mountsberg . This is one well of a 5 well container car CP 523175
CP 523175B
This is a well of a 5 well car set headed east of Galt on CP.
CP 524180_1
January 8 2006 Ocean containers for the Obico yard sitting on a siding at SNS Kipling. 3 of 5 wells were visible.
CP 524180_2
January 8 2006. CP Galt sub waiting to go to Obico
CP 524180_3
January 8 2006
cp 527246 -csav
CSAV is the logo for CSAV- Norasia which is owned by Hapag - Lloyd. Moving on a CP company operated well car.
CP 567762
CH Robinson 53 foot domestic container riding on CP train 142 June 2 2018. CP 53 foot well car set.
cp527384 03-29-09
DTTX 750913 Platform DGenset
April 13 2007 Here is a 40 foot CP Genset providing power for reefer containers like the Maersk Sealand box loaded on top. Train CP on the CN Oakville sub.
DTTX 25028
April 2006 - Train 148 from Chicago
dttx 418271
CN Train 148 Labour Day Monday 2019 A mix of containers but likely for MSC . Seaco is a leaser. Dong Fang?
DTTX 457015
This was the last car on an eastbound container train passing Puslinch west of Guelph Jct. on the CP Galt sub. Unknown train number since CP 142 usually operates from Buffalo via Welland on the Hamilton Sub.
DTTX 469815
CN 148, Labour Day Monday September 2 2019. OOCL containers.
dttx 55435
CN 53 foot domestic container rides on top of of a 40 foot international container in a 40 foot well car. Train 148 at Copetown.
dttx 622978 entire car
Some container well cars have 5 wells linked together to form a single container car. DTTX 62297 seen on CN train 148 is a typical 5 well car. It has CN domestic 53 foot containers loaded on top of ZIM/COSCO 40 foot export boxes.
dttx 622978 last well
The last well for DTTX 62297
dttx 645951
Train CN 148 Chicago to Montreal via Brampton. Both domestic containers . Couldn't trace.
dttx 646407 sni over tiger
Tiger Cool Express is a domestic reefer container operator. Toronto is not shown as a network point. CN Train 148.
dttx 646612
DTTX 655787
Containers ex-Detroit on CPtrain. Tried to trace top unit. Could only get from Turkey to Detroit via NYC on tracing screen No indication why it was going to Montreal on CP
DTTX 721442 HLBU 9071313
Detroit to Genoa by truck, CN to Halifax and sea beyond.
DTTX 723197
USAC and Interpool containers for Hapag Lloyd - Montreal Hochelaga to Chicago Bensonville vis Cleveland (CSXT)
DTTX 724603
All three well are loaded with CN 53 foot domestic containers.
DTTX 724603 A
The "A" well of a three well car loaded with CN RU domestic 53 foot containers on Train 148. Copetown ON
dttx 727094
No numbers are legible but probably export containers from Chicago to Europe via Halifax. CN TR148.
dttx 729539
CP train 142. Loaded with Hub Group 53 domestic under EMP 53 domestic.
DTTX 74421 0 B
dttx 748835
July 2013, a complete 5 well shot of this articulated car on CP train 143. Montreal Hochelaga to Chicago Bensonville via Cleveland (CSX) with a mix of OOCL and HCLU containers.
dttx 750699
Well D October 2008? 2009? The CP Rail System container is a diesel generator to power refrigerated containers on the train.
DTTX 750913 Platform A
April 13 2007. CP container train on CN Oakville Sub (former TH&B trackage rights) Probably TR 142, Bensonville (Chicago) to Hochelaga (Montreal) via Cleveland.
dttx 759410
On train CN148 ISO 40 footer in well with a CN 53 on top.
dttx 759669
A mixed load of a Beacon leaser container atop of a O.N.E. 40 foot drybox conatiner on CN Train 148 on Labour Day Monday 2019.
DTTX 759985
CN Train 148; Labour Day Monday 2019 The B well of a 5 well set holding three leasers for MSC.
dttx 760476
CN Train 148 Labour Day Monday 2019 This shows the "A" well of this container car. CN domestic 53 foot container over a 40 foot leaser.
dttx 760558d
CP TRAIN 142. The GOLD 40 and UASC 20 are leasers for Hapag Lloyd. The 40 well car is a remanufacture by TTX. It can carry 2 x 20 and 1 x 40 or 1x53 on the top position.
CP spine car aok 58189 aok data cpsu passing cooksville CP 527182 DTTX 658070 BNSF 237469 20 foot genset BNSF 254113 BNSF 254140 Container Car set out. cp 507140 cp 507140 CP 507200  11-11-07 CP 522304 cp 523004 cp 523175A CP 523175B CP 524180_1 CP 524180_2 CP 524180_3 cp 527246 -csav CP 567762 cp527384 03-29-09 DTTX  750913  Platform DGenset DTTX 25028 dttx 418271 DTTX 457015 DTTX 469815 dttx 55435 dttx 622978 entire car dttx 622978 last well dttx 645951 dttx 646407 sni over tiger dttx 646612 DTTX 655787 DTTX 721442 HLBU 9071313 DTTX 723197 DTTX 724603 DTTX 724603 A dttx 727094 dttx 729539 DTTX 74421 0 B dttx 748835 dttx 750699 DTTX 750913 Platform A dttx 759410 dttx 759669 DTTX 759985 dttx 760476 dttx 760558d
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