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ERB 9400
erb on 401
Erb on Dixie Road
Likely on the way to the terminal on Britannia Road
Erb Columbia
The Elverson truck? Eastbound on the QEW in Oakville
Erb International 9400
An older Erb International; possibly for local-regional work.
Erb Cascadia
Cascadias. although common on the 401, are rare in Erb's primarily International fleet.
Erb Daycab
Large refrigerated carrier based in New Hamburg ON with a large terminal in Mississauga and other smaller terminals around the province plus Winnipeg, Montreal and one in Pennsylvania.
ERB International 9900
An Erb unit waiting to turn onto Dixie Road
Empire Transportation
Based in Grimsby ON
25-019 ERB 9400 erb on 401 Erb on Dixie Road Erb Columbia Erb International 9400 Erb Cascadia Erb Daycab ERB International 9900 Empire Transportation
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