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campion marine
From July 2008, a boat hauler at Port Credit harbour from Kelowna BC. Campion was a boat builder; perhaps the truck is picking up a boat to return to Kelowna.
carmen on QEW
Arnold Mooney Photo
C.A.T. east of Oshawa.
C.A.T. - Canadian American Transport headed west on Highway 401 near Darlington.
Ceva Logistics
Auto Parts hauler and sequencers
cole carrier
Local owner operator leased to Hamilton based steel hauler.
cinq mars
Northern Ontario flat deck hauler. Based in Iron Bridge a town on Highway 17 between Sudbury and the Soo.
contrans-laidlaw campion marine carmen on QEW C.A.T. east of Oshawa. Ceva Logistics cole carrier cinq mars
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