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pH Ltd
Peter Hodge Trucking was sold to Contrans. Their company name has disappeared frpm the TFI/Contrans web page. The Milton termnal is listed as Laodlaw Bulk,
Prime Inc
US based "mega-carrier" who does send trucks to Canada. This one is probably returning to Michigan after delivering in the GTA.
PH broker
PH is Peter Hodge Transport based in Milton.An unknown broker carrier is hauling a PH trailer in Mississauga September 2016
pinnacle planters pete
Pinnacle Refrigerated Services
Pinnacle Transport is based in Scarborough. They serve southern Ontario.
paddock KW
Paddock International based in Stoney Creek ON
Prince Logistic Service
based in Lachine QB
Purolator LCV Tractor.
Near Purolator's Etobicoke yard.
purolator on nqueen 5-23-18
Purolator is a large Canadian owned parcel and freight company.
pH Ltd Prime Inc PH  broker pinnacle planters pete Pinnacle Refrigerated Services paddock KW Prince  Logistic Service Purolator LCV Tractor. purolator on nqueen 5-23-18
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